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Santa Clarita real estate appIt always comes down to source data, functionality and spam when wanting to download the Best Real Estate App for Homes and Housing.

Some don’t mind spam. Some folks could care less that their personal information was just sold to a ton of real estate agents who are willing to pay for it.

However, you probably do.

I know I do. Our clients do. We all have that in common. We don’t want any of our personal and private information sold to anyone.

Depending on your priorities – I would assume saving yourself from SPAM maybe your first order of business.

Bad Real Estate APP spam

With mySCVapp.com you don’t have to worry about spam.

I’m the only one that see’s your information. Our lender does not and is placed there to be of assistance should you need him for you to reach out to if and when time comes.

Where does the Home Search APP get it’s listings

Good question. You will want an APP that get’s the listing data directly from the local Multiple listing services (MLS), where the original real estate listings are entered by those agents who are listing them.

Some real estate websites get their real estate listings from agents, without any enforcement mechanism, that is very inaccurate. Other real estate syndication websites are built for the purpose of getting you to give up who you are to sell your information to tons of real estate agents!

The minute by minute updates are very important with the Direct MLS connection via the Local IDX carrier and the Local Boards of Realtors is what you will find on mySCVapp.com

Functional or Not

If you are going to take up precious space on your mobile device, the real estate app you download better be worth it.

In fact, functional on the mySCVapp.com is our middle name…  (could not resist).

You can do a simple GPS and Local Search for homes nearby your current position.

You are able to expand the search to encompass any city in Southern California and to curtail the results matching your needs.

Remember, besides being functional, we are Real Live Realtors and have access to the Source Data. Our mission is to represent you and everyone you know with real estate and housing. 

I’m Connor and I’m glad to be of service to you and yours!