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If you are a real estate seller or any real estate owner that likes to keep track of the real estate and homes around them, I have something you will be interested in.

It’s our MySCVapp.com and it is not just for real estate buyers anymore.

REMEMBER YOUR VIP code is: scvnest

We have had the platform expanded to provide Santa Clarita Seller’s reporting data for Sold Homes in their neighborhoods and on their specific streets in the surrounding communities.

Santa Clarita Sold home appWhen we had our Santa Clarita home and real estate app built, we wanted it to provide more to our real estate clients than just the “search option”.

That is why Home Sellers in Santa Clarita Valley and within Southern California will be elated to discover it will provide local sales data for them as well.

Be the first at your next neighborhood get together to let your friends/neighbors know what the latest sold homes are and for how much they sold.

Get your Santa Clarita Sold Data on our App!

When you click on the link, you are going to see a form such as this:

Home Owner and Seller’s how to:

Enter your information and check off the “sold home alert (sent every 30 days)”.

After you do, you will add the address of the property where you want the sold homes report for.

This is typically your home address – so the system can generate an accurate report.

Below that you can add someone else to the report by selecting “add a co-buyer”. This can be your “significant other”, they will also receive the same report as you.

Remember, just click the “Sold Home Alert” – if you are someone that wants to get the intel for the Sold Homes in Santa Clarita Valley.

I’m Connor with mySCVapp, we have many resources to assist both buyers and sellers of real estate in Santa Clarita Valley, Greater Los Angeles and Southern California. I’m glad to be of service. Be safe – Be well!